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Big Dan

Wiring up antenna

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Hi folks, this is my first posting so please be gentle!

I recently bought one of those HK cameras off ebay to play around with and generally have found it to be quite good when attached to my eco8 electric heli and flown close in. However, I now want to stick it on an electric glider and take it up high and so need to improve its range. I have had a look through this forum and have re-sized the rc-cam gpp and yb2normal's ground plane antenna for 1.2ghz. I now have a problem though. How does one wire up the ground plane to the tx? The normal whip dipole off the tx is soldered to just one pin on the pcb, where do I solder the shield to? There doesn't appear to be a blank unused pin or anything as obvious as that.

I know to some this may seem like a trivial question but it's been puzzling my grey matter all day... :unsure:

Thanks for your help guys.

Dan Armstrong

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Connect the shield to the negative side of the battery as close to where you connect the coax core as possible. eg on the camera board not on the battery, is that clear ? ? ?



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