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Hello all and what a great forum! I am of course working on my first FPV setup and for my first post I have to go out on a limb and ask a question. I just connected everything, TX, CCD, IF OSD and gps. I am so happy everything is working correctly except I am having some problems connecting to sats. The gps is an IF3302 and probably uses at least 9600 baud with the same init string as the EB85. I think I have set this up correctly in the config software but not sure. During start up the OSD displays version 1.04? is this the most recent version? Also it is terminated the way I received it from future hobbies so I think thats correct. I will post a picture as soon as I get home.

Regarding the config software, when I try to update it says not connected to the internet. I have allowed this program access but it still wont connect. Is the latest version 1011? I downloaded 1011 from the website but the config says it's 1010 under help about. I would like to update everything to the latest versions.

Sorry for so many questions but I'm a newbie trying to get started and just need a bump start to get there. Bear in mind I'm a ME so all you EE gurus could definitely help me out. Thanks a bunch!

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