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Attention: RC-CAM.com will be closing down August 2021.

The RC-Cam.com forum was the very first online community dedicated to the advancement of wireless video cameras on radio controlled (R/C) models. This is now called "FPV" (First Person View). We are proud of the contributions that our members have made to the FPV hobby.

We've seen significant changes over the last twenty years. Initially there were a lot of eager R/C hobbyist that built their own video systems. Allowing these creative individuals to share their work was the purpose of this site. Now the FPV market is flooded with low cost systems; Sadly DiY FPV video projects are now rarely discussed.

RC-CAM.com (main site and forum) will be closing down August 2021. This is being announced now (March 2021) so that everyone has time to download any information that is important to them. After the site is shutdown the information will no longer be available here.

We appreciate every member's involvement with advancing the FPV hobby. It is indeed sad to say goodbye to all our online friends. Be safe and stay healthy.

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they look exactly like the cheap 1.2GHz models off of ebay...it's as if he's buying them and modified them to 900MHz and 2.4GHz and uping the output. i mean, EVERYTHING else is the same, cases, 4 channel switch, color... and the one he sells as a pcb board is likely just one he removed the case from. what are your thoughts?

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Low blow there, don't judge a transmitter by its cover. If you knew much about transmitters like this then you would understand the undertaking of modifying them from 1.2ghz down to 900 or up to 2.4. To suggest it is ridiculous, personally I don't believe it possible without changing a number of components in the transmitter.

I have found the exact same 2.4 transmitters that Bill Strong of BlackWidowAV is selling in other catalogs and I will say that he is selling them at the exact same cost or cheaper in most cases as big name electronics catalogs. Not to mention the fact that by buying something from Bill you have the ability to call him on the phone and you are able to ask someone questions that actually knows what they are talking about.

You are not ordering a product from a company that sells 10,000 other things. Bill sells a very specific product, uses that product, knows that product, and is not shy in sharing information/useful hints and tips about those products. You are supporting another modeler in a great business. If anyone ever asks about video transmitters for flying I send them to blackwidow.

I am not trying to come down too hard here but I wanted to "firmly" express my opinion on the subject matter.

Matthew Klarich


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I'm doing a similar job and agree to the point that the case is nothing.

I've seen and tried so many systems that looked exactly the same, and none of them are totally equivalent. The most frequent point is that the channels are different (if a typical 4-channel switch is installed). Or the TX power. Maybe there is one manufacturer that makes nearly the same parts, but customised to different resellers'needs.

Anyway it's very difficult to say. I'll also say that Ebay can also be good, but you have to be lucky. We've bought a couple of different systems to test them recently (as the price was very low), and we've seen everything. We got one tiny cam/TX which was very crappy, with a receiver that had a pot on it to tune the freq. After opening the TX I understood why. The transmitter is a tiny PCB with about 6 components on it, of which 2 are transistors. The freq is adjusted by a coil, which means it's totally unstable and the lack of a good filter will give out signals spreaded eyerywhere.

For the same price we got a totally different one, that has a correct receiver with channel switches. This is a proof that the freq is stable. It works absolutely perfectly, with a good range, and it's very clean and well-designed inside, with a "real" good TX.

The funny part is that both have a same looking receiver (except the audio out, the pot and the printing), and that the packages there were delivered in only differ by the company logo...

Just to say that even If I've never had direct contacts with BlackWidowAV I totally believe that their job is really worth it, as I know how difficult it is to collect information and get supplies to prepare ready (Plug'n'Play) systems that don't require specific knowledge to operate, and that anyone can use.



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Hi Raptor30,

All of the equipment I sell is manufactured at the frequencies on which I offer it... 2.4ghz and 900mhz.

Regarding a unit I sell as a pcb board... I think you have me mixed up with another company, since I don't currently offer a transmitter that is just a bare pcb board.

Once you've suffered through the ebay equipment give me a call, I'll set you up with something that will knock your socks off.

Kind Regards,

Bill Strong

Black Widow A/V, LLC

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My best way to explain this.

Why does a BMW cost 10 times more then a Geo Metro?? They both have a motor, seats, a transmissions, and tires. So why does the BMW cost more?

Just because the parts may be similar the extra 2 watts has to come from somewhere.

If anything more 1 watt units are probably made and sold worldwide so they are therefore cheaper to manufacture due to bulk discounts. I haven't heard yet of anyone else on this forum talk about using a 3 watt transmitter. (of which I have one of them, use it, and it is an awesome unit. Yes, I purchased it from blackwidow) I hear lots of people talk about using 200, 500, and 1000 mw transmitters though.


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why does a 3 watt Tx costs so much more

My guess is that RF output transistors are much more expensive as you go up in power. Also special care needs to be taken to keep those transistors from overheating, which requires additional temperature/current feedback loops.

BTW, my friend Raja purchased 3W TX from Blackwidow and it looks like a nice unit. His TaylorCraft will be using this 3W unit from now on. And I am migrating 4W amplifier to my gasser.



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