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what exactly sete the freq in a Tx and a Rx? in other words, what one component or transister, i guess, can be swapped out with a component of a different value to change what freq a transmiter transmits on and a receiver receives on?

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It all depends. Are you talking about a small change in freq (<5%) or a much greater shift? Can you be more specific (i.e., current freq vs. required freq, equipment involved, Tx/Rx design details)?

If you are talking about shifting a R/C system from one channel to another, in the same RF band, then it can be as simple as a xtal change and re-tweak. If you are talking about taking a typical looking sardine can type 1.2Ghz wireless video system and moving it to 900Mhz or 2.4Ghz, then the impact would be so enormous that most mortals would be doomed to fail.

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Im Guessing you may be interested in buying a set from elsewhere in the world?

OR a roving RCer worldwide?


The Xtal picks the freq within the band.

The set is tuned throughout the superhet stages to the band.

Futaba and I think JR at least do sell TXs which have removable (interchangeable) Freq Modules so International competitors only needed a new Module and RX rather than whole outfit.

BUT you still have to buy a Rx per Freq Band ie 72Mhz USA, 35Mhz UK 72Mhz Australia for Air etc etc and Xtals

If my assumption is correct; it proves almost as expensive to buy a module+ Rx + Xtals locally (+ the TX from elswhere ie ebay) as it would to buy a whole set locally.

If your a travelling RCer most recent models brands sell freq modules + Rx + Xtals so you can still use your familiar TX and setup anywhere in the world.

Good thing we learnt from valves and standardised world wide isnt it?? :blink::rolleyes:

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