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iconcepts cam schematics

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If you are looking for schematics of the camera, regardless of brand, then please note that they are considered proprietary by the various Manufacturers. Finding this level of data on any digital camera would be a miracle.

If you are looking for instructions to hack into it with a custom R/C switch, then it is usually not a big deal to simulate the shutter switch closure with a tranisitor or optoisolator driven by your R/C pulse decoder. However, the low end cameras like the Iconcepts and Aiptek Trio are not popular AP cameras, so you will no doubt be on your own.

There are lots of folks hacking the Aiptek PenCam 1.3 and SD cameras, as well as others. Hack instructions are easy to find on the web. Even the RC-CAM web site has details to some cameras.

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