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It depends.... do you want more speed? More efficiency etc? I normally buy all my brushless motors, batterys and esc's etc from united hobbies which is either hong kong or part of china or both now... Anyways the easystar stock pulls about 50 watts stock, I currently have a 1200rpm 4-13 amp motor in my trainer. On 11.1v it pulls 5.2-5.4 amps sitting on the table. So in fact it's almost stock but brushless so I get 15-20% more run time now. But put in a 14.8v battery and she comes alive pulling 170watts. I haven't actually tried it with that many watts but I know she will just go sky high in no time.

Another motor based on users replys is the 3900rpm/v 40 amp motor. Apparently it's crazy for easystar, lotsa power.

Anyways here's the one I have on my trainer.


And here is the one I have on my dual camera(kx171 for flying, canon s500 for shooting photos downward because it needs the power) haven't flown it yet, seeing if I can weasel on easyglider wings on the easystar, which still haven't come in yet, seems like they will fit though.



What Motors are people using in there Eay Stars?

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