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Question about sheilding UBEC, seems to be making servo's chattery

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Well first plugged in UBEC a few days ago, noticed a couple servo's were chatty(weird since they were new) but weren't too bad. But when I was plugging in UBEC today before flight, servo's got real angry, moved the UBEC around and noticed the servo's would go somewhat quiete to pissed off... the thing came with a ferrite ring, so question is what is best way of sheilding it? Stickings some aluminum around it or steel? So far I've noticed less noise when I use the battery to separate the receiver from the UBEC.

I have a spektrum ar7000 receiver.

this is the ubec


all servo's are jr 270's I think, 8g servo's 1.3kg force etc.

Idea's? Could create a crash if I don't solve this.

I could extend the cable and move the ubec further away but there isn't much room to hide it.


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What's interesting is that you are using a 2.4Ghz DSSS R/C system and still getting glitches. These are sufficiently immune to common EMI/RFI (which tends to be problematic under 400MHz) that it should not be big issue.

To me, this sort of indicates that the EMI/RFI is severe enough to upset the native servo signal. I would be very cautious, perhaps to the point of not using that particular Chinese uBEC. How about trying an authentic UBEC rather than the Chinese clone?

BTW, if you are using it with the 6V setting, then change it to 5V. Some servos do get a little jumpy with the higher voltage.

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Ok, added aluminum, added an extra round or 2 around the ferrite core. Helped a little, but can still hear servo chattering. It was originally on 5v, switched to 6v, less chatter.

Tried swapping in an old motor with esc built in that I knew hasn't caused any trouble and still same amount of chatter. Moved motor esc around, not much influence at all.

I'm starting to think it's a combination of 2 servo's that weren't great to begin with. The hs55 has zero chatter that I installed. Will extend lead from ubec to receiver, coat with aluminum, in fact coat whole thing in aluminum and call it a day unless someone else has some ideas.


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