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How do I verify the freq of my TX to make perect GP Patch?

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Hi guys (and gals if there are),

I'm new to this but have a Trex600 flying with an HD cam and I'm about to go FPV when I mount the Tx.

I also just got my video glasses/goggles today :D

Ok, the question is how can I find out the exact frequency of my Tx found here:


I actually have a 1w Tx also but do not have a link for that. It's the same ranges though as it appears all these 900mHz units are.

The reason is that I want to be the most accurate with my dimensions for the GP Patch antena.


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The frequencies that are selected with the switch are very stable. Just use the mfg's published values.

So, what you are saying is that if I use the correct math in getting my ratio correct for the GP at say 910mHz, then it will be good?

I just didn't know if anyone actually tested these and found the frequency to be off... so then you make the GP Patch accordingly to match the adiusted frequency.


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