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My new FPV ground station and first flight with new OSD

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I have just finished my new ground station. I found out it was much better controlling the plane from my room due to multiple reasons:

- I don't have to carry all my gear to the field

- I can use monitors instead of googles - the sun shining into the monitor is

no longer a problem

- I can sit on my chair - much better comfort

Enough talking, here is some pictures:



For more information, look at http://skagmo.com/fpv.htm

This is my latest video. This flight was really nerve-wrecking! ;)


The TSII will be a much more stable platform with pan/tilt and a CPD4 for extra stabilisation.

Hope you like it!

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Well, I was expecting someone would mention that. At first I'll say I wouldn't have done this with a bigger plane, and the only reason I did it was because I find the plane pretty harmless. It is a very slow and lightweight plane, but I can agree it was a little bit on the edge if I knew I was going to get these problems - which was not expected at all.

My future plans is to make a rudder-home system, so this would probably not happen again. I will also fly in the opposite direction, which is over a forest.

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Yeah I wouldn't worry too much about crashing into someones house or yard, my real fear is crashing into a roadway with vehicles and causing an accident. May want a remote "self destruct" device to burn any personally identifying materials. (that was a joke btw)

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