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Hello all,

I'm new to AP and in my quest for simplicity, I keep running across the CamMan-XP project. I have an Aiptek 1.3 SD and purchased a cable to use a micro servo to depress the shutter button. I decided, after buying the cable of course, that that isn't the route that I want to take. I have no clue about programming a PIC nor do I have the tool to do it. :(

I'm looking for someone to make the CamMan-XP for me so all I have to do is wire the leads to the camera, or at least program the pic so I can purchase the other necessary parts and solder them up. I'm fairly handy with a soldering iron (many miles of model railroad track and slot car projects :D ). I would like to have the version that controls the shutter, runs off the receiver power, and has the lost model alert.

If someone is willing to make this for me please let me know and give me a reasonable price. I am so excited about getting into AP that I am just about to strap the camera to the plane, batteries and all, and go for it. Of course that'll be kinda tough unless I'm only doing video. lol

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from someone soon.

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