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UHF RC system for long range

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please see the UHF RC system here:


and a nice little 7W booster here:


specially designed for FPV ultra long range,

any range can be achived !! using more power and bigger TX antenna,

I prefer small TX antennas so a bit more is used :-)

the 500mW standard option will perform 3-5km depending on landscape and noise polution in the area.

7W will x 3 the range.

and 30W will x 10 the range, combined with huge antennas you can achive 100km range.

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>Scweeet, I'm assumin this is the kit that jmstech had been talking about.

it is not a kit, sold 100% assembled and tested and programmed, ready to fly !

>How much you figure it's going on the market for?

I sold 3 compleete sets so far:

1 tx 500mW

1 quarter wave BNC antenna for TX

2 RX units

4 antennas with MCX connectors for two RX

this will get you going on two of your planes.

they was sold for 500$ + postage

the 7W booster can be sold for only 130$

>Have you actually range tested it yet? Looks bloody exciting!

achived range is a result of signal and noise ratio,

so far in the city area where customers have used it, the 500mW standard version only performed 3-4km,

using tiny quaterwave antennas.

it is possible to connect larger TX side antennas easyly available cheap locally

radioamateurs call this band the 70cm band,

make sure the antenna can handle both 433 and 444Mhz bands.

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Nice work guys! Can anyone answer if this can be supplied with frequencies legal in the U.S. for use by amateur operators? Does it connect to the Tx through a trainer link or does it require hardwiring?

The unit come complete for you to connect to the TX trough a trainner.

I try to modify it to use with my Futaba, but finally I give up and pay some more for Multiplex , this is since the product was design for work with Multiplex.

It will be great if we can use it with Futaba. However now I have Multiplex already so will use it for sure with multiplex.

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it can be used to cover any frequency from 410 to 450 MHz

simply inform me where you have permission to transmit and then I configure it for you,

it can also be changed later the units contain a bootloader so a simple serial port interface can upload new software.

the reason for two bands like both 433 and 444 is to make it more imune to jamming,

it can be configured to only use 433 or only 444 or what ever you like.

it can be used with any RC system that have PPM outputs and with a CONTANT PPM frame time,

please read the manual on the link I have posted.

I am in the ordering of parts stage right now !

so if any one like to get a set or more of this project, please email me : thomas at webx dot dk

the prices depends a bit on dollar vs euro, but right now it is

525 us $ for a starter set:

1 x Transmitter, with switchmode 6-20V

2 x Receivers, 8ch servo outputs

4 x wire antennas with MXC connectors

1 x whip antenna with BNC for TX

the 7W booster is only 125 us $ at the moment,

due to a deal I made with some parts, I might have to change that price later.

postage is insured for 45 us $

if you have a fedex or ups or whatever account I will be happy to use that instead.

delivery time:

I need payment upfront so I can invest in parts, this project uses expensive parts

and some of them have 2-3 weeks delivery time, then I need some time to hans assemble it all and drill cases and such

dont worry I have access to full hardware workshop so I dont looks like kitchen table stuff :-)

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latest news:

more and more parts I ordered are now showing up here,

delivery date for the last parts I need is now promised to end of next week,

I have ordered alot extra parts so new customers are welcome to contact me,

please use direct mail: thomas at webx dot dk

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Hi Martin, my advise is to contact me directly using thomas @ webx . dk

it must be able to work with your futaba, if your PPM frame time is constant.

a technical discussion about this system is also going on here:




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latest news to all customers that are waiting paitient,

the last parts (radio modules) are now confirmed to be delivered 19th of August,

I am preparing as much as possible of all the other things to save time.

new customers are welcome to contact me, I have prepared a few more units to help out new customers also.

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