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Brushless Computer Fan

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Sorry Guys this is a bit off the RC Topic and I sure could use your help.

I am trying to get this computer fan to run off a 12 volt battery.


I connect the positive (red) and negative (Black) to a battery but nothing happens. It also has a blue wire which I think is for RPM sensor or PWM.

I am trying to use this as a cooling (Radiator) fan for a motor bike.

If anyone could help I would sure appreciate it.


Crash Pilot1

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Either the battery cannot supply the required current or the fan is defective.

I'd suspect the battery first. However, if there was any chance the fan's power leads were connected in reverse, even for a second, then the fan is probably toast.

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Thanks for reponding guys

The battery is a 6ah lead acid. The bikes electric start works off it so the battery must be O.K. The fan draws 3.5 amps.

I ordered 2 fans and they are both brand new. I made sure the polarity was definate right. I could understand if one was faulty but not two brand new motors.

These are called drastic airflow fans and will produce plenty of air flow. As for being waterproof others have used computer fans (Just not this model) for this situation because they are the only fans that will fit these bikes. They seem to last O.K

This has me beat

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