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USEFUL CONNECTORS:If you get the right pin spacing for these plugs/skts ( and there are quite a few types) you'll find the three way sockets fit Futaba and Hitec receivers as well. Off the top I think the pin spacing is 2.54 (Pitch Pin Headers and Sockets). They start at 2 way and go up to 50 ways (!). Most electronic suppliers should stock them. They are slightly smaller than the normal RC plug and socket but non the less useful for quite a number of jobs.

Wherever you are, just Google FARNELL. You'll see a page with about every country's flag..just click yours (or nearest) and search for connectors & (Pitch Pin Headers and Sockets). You can make sure these p/skts really firmly plugged together by using 6.4mm heatshrink tubing over the pair. I use them a lot when connecting power to model nav/landing lights etc. Works out in the UK about 60 pence a plug and socket. No crimping either. . .(fixed pins)!

They can be seen on for details. (scroll halfway down the page).

Another supplier in the UK is RS. Just Google RS and at the bottom of their intro page click on Worldwide and go from there. For example (USA= Allied Electronics). Both firms have a huge catalogue of electronic items.

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