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help ! so many possiblity's :)

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hi all,

I have a monstertruck controlled by a 2,4 ghz digital system and want to mount a camera onboard. So far the best band is 1.2 or 5.8 ghz. Are there any things i need to watch out for ? which band is the best one for me ? and are there folks here that want to sell there second hand gear ?

As my monstertruck is carying a megaphone with a 12v acid battery the video transmitter can get his power from there.

I 'm looking my eyes out for a good reseller for a wireless video system in the netherlands but can't find any

some info about me at myspace/mediaontwerpers

cheers Ian

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For ground based wireless A/V you'll probably get better results with lower freq. I'd suggest 900MHz.

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