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If some of you have not seen how stable the Cularis is as an FPV platform, I invite you to take a look at this video I did. I am using a OEMCameras.com RHPC-2000 camera with a 500mW lawmate Tx. Video is recieved by one of the first Black Widow AV diversity recievers made by Matt Klarich. Attached to this are two 8db circular polarized patches. Also recieving video is a Lawmate video Rx with a high gain omni from HyperLink Technologies. Finally, a DPCAV diversity reciever chooses between the Black Widow and the Lawmate. Video is then pumped to a DPCAV video distribution amp and then to a flat screen TV, video goggles and a Panasonic PV-GS400 camcorder. Video is then copied via firewire to an old PC where minimal editing occured. Essentially a sound track was added along with some titles. The Cularis is powered by an Axi2820/12, a CC ThunderBird 36 and 4S A123 pack. The video portion is powered by a 4 cell NiMh AAA pack of 700mAh capacity. Thank you to many of you who have helped me with all my questions, I could not have done anything without all of your help.



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