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Mmm... how do I soldier homemade lipo's?

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Ok I have 6 of these laying around. I've tried my hand before at soldiering these things before and apparently the soldier doesn't stick, not even with flux. So now I'm thinking it's pressed together or something. Any idea's on how to join together and connect a couple wires up? From what I've searched theres a tool, but there's gotta be a work around or a trick. <_<


They are 100mah 3.7v cells...


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tempting after my first few tries without the magic stuff(luminum flux). The last try I wrapped the wires with the aluminium tabs and procedeed to soldier the heck out of them till the aluminum tabs were enveloped. Needless to say, didn't work. :( and managed to screw up 2 450mah cells. :(

completely off topic but any u guys see the new 1g biowire servo's at UH? Neat... so tempting to make ultra ultra light ship now... they seem to have everything to do it. Just checking...

2g servo's(2 servos, one elevator, one ailerons)

1g esc(uses 1s)

2g motor(1s)

2g receiver(for dx7)

3g batt(100mah 1s)

total without plane and without weight reducing the wires...



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Biowires (muscle wire) servos are fairly slow and consume up to 8o, 100, ma for actuation, but nice & lightweight (except possibly for the battery).

I think IIRC, a zinc base flux or solder is used for the al tabs.

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