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Capture and decode RX signal

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Tracked it down to a 7-segment connection. Very strange as the manual and silk screen give conflicting information.

Major progress to report. As soon as I sorted this out I verified that my interrupt driven RX interface works! Flicking the gear switch on my transmitter alternates GP1 between 0 and 5v. I'm not sure how stable the PWM readings are as I have no way of seeing them, however it seems they are fit for purpose.

I really want to thank you guys for your help. This has been a big step and I can't wait to knock out a PCB and get those navi lights installed!

For future projects, in order to increase the resolution could I wait for 1uS then clear the timer and start measuring?

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Hi, JF

I do not want to be rude ... :blink:

But you had it already done ( with 12F675 !!! and PCB draw. + parts placement ) in RC Groups Forum DIY section ...


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Just understood what you meant. I think you missed the point of this project. It was for me to learn how to interface a PIC and R/C system using MikroC. Sure I could have just copied someone else's design and code but that would have defeated the point.

I could have saved the effort and brought a set off eBay for £10 if all I wanted were NAV lights :P

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