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I need help with a configuration I'm working on:

I am filming a sports match on a video tower. I have a Sony camcorder with digital and analog outputs. I use the digital output to capture into my MacBook. I also need to transmit the video signal to the dug-out, some 70 metres away, where the signal also needs to be captured for immediate viewing by the coach.

To set this up, my preference goes out to an analog A/V transmitter which I can connect to my camera, and a receiver which connects to the laptop in the dug-out.

Finding a suitable A/V transmitter is not so much the problem, finding the right receiver is. I am not so sure as to how to connect the receiver to the laptop, i.e. how to bring in the signal.

Could you please help me to select the right equipment for this configuration?

Any help is much appreciated!



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The receiver will have an AV output, so to connect it to the laptop you'd need a video capture/TV card that has a composite input. You should find some in USB, PCMCIA and ExpressCard formats in pretty much any computer store.

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