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Hi there. Despite my velcro clip to hold the connector to the video glasses arm, I have managed to pull out some of the wires. This is the tiny D-shaped connector that connects the glasses to the power pack.

I can make out 2 red wires, a black, a white, an orange, and a braid (?earth). The two reds and a black are still connected. The orange carries composite video.

I've tried a few combinations, but no picture yet. Rather than risk bricking the glasses (or shorting the LiIon battery :o ), can anyone out there tell me what the connections are? It is possible to unclip the connector case, which reveals the wires. It's got 2 rows of 7 connectors, (and earth connectors on the sides, can't see where you solder to these).

So far I have, looking from the back of the plug, top row the 'fat' side, bottom row the 'thin' side:

--- RED -*- -*- --- --- ---

--- --- --- -*- --- BLK RED

--- is unconnected, -*- is a pin that looks as if it _was_ connected.

I just need to know where the orange, white and earth go!

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The reds and black are most probably the voltage supply. The "Earth" (shield) should probably be connected to the cover (if metal) of the connector. Can you measure any voltages on the unconnected wires (referenced to the black wires)?

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The two reds are 4.2v apart! (there goes that theory :( ) If you take the black as 0v, one of the reds is at 0v and the other at 4.2v. None of the pins seem to be connected to the side-mounted 'earth?' rails. My guess was that one of the reds is L (audio), the white is R (audio), as the orange seems to be composite video (this latter is very interesting - perhaps the 'controller' just contains a battery and its charger!).

I could just try connecting things in turn, but the GVD520 is a little pricey to risk bricking, if someone can tell me what should go where instead.

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