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Best Servo resolution

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Wondered if anybody could help me I am trying to find the best servo with the highest resolution because it will be used in a camera focus project - therefore need it to be as sensitive as possible and ideally capable of more than 180 deg of travel

has any body go any suggestions - I was also trying to find out the specs on servo's but wasn't sure which which one specifies the resolution, a friend mentioned it was in 'steps' - obviously the more steps the better the res



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As this is now Floobydust, it may be of interest that if you put a 4"/10cm arm on a standard (+/-60 degree) servo, 1 microsecond change in pulse width (usual max resolution of computer transmitters) gives about 1mm of movement at the end of the arm.

Useful for checking 'digital servo', PCM and other equipment; a cheap chinese 'PWM with failsafe' receiver I bought couldn't manage better than ~3mm per step... tut tut!...

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