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aiptek dv4100m

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Recently i purchased an Aiptek dv 4100m camera with this switch on it... http://www.thexportzone.com/xportswitch.html for the Hobbyzone Super cub... Anyone know how to convert the camera to a regular Futaba plug to use with standard radio gear? I'm going to upgrade the cub to my Fasst System i use on my helis and want to rig the camera to use it with the Futaba gear.. like this.. http://www.rcplanecams.com/camcart/index.p...78e5d297c496f6a Niether person seems to know how to covert it.. or at least they aren't tellin' Thanks!

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it compatible with x-port, so it's not compatible with Fuataba receiver. The only way is to use a microprocessor and write a program. too complicated.

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