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Jewel's hubby

AIPTEK 1.3 SD (Loss of Video)

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Hi Friends

I have been using the subject camera on a Slow Stick for several years now

and just recently lost the video feature. The camera was set up for remote

shutter operation using the Mr. RC-CAM modification. The situation that

led to the problem is as follows: I arrived at the field and had forgotten

my SD card. The only one available was a 4 gig. I remembered that the

instructions that came with the camera says that the capacity was 1 gig. I

thought "what the heck". The camera indicated that the video function was

working, but after three flights with no video recorded I realized

something was wrong. When I got home I tried my 1GB card. The same thing

happened. I tried formating, with no results. CAN ANYONE HELP?

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