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Motion control project

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I am new to this forum and the motion control technology. I have some questions on what to use for my motion controller. First off i want to be able to measure yaw and pitch. From what I've read gyros are more accurate than accelerometers due to the fact that they measure angular velocity. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Like many of you i will be controlling and pan & tilt device with a camera. I need it to be within a 2 degree accuracy and a distance of 100 feet. I'm not sure what to use, can someone give me suggestions on how i should go about doing this. What kind of gyro sensitivity level, from the gyros output what kind of programmable controller to read the motion and control the pan & tilt. Also can i use one board to do everything such as read the gyro, control pan & tilt, receive camera transmission and link to video goggles. O yeah and my funds are low so that is why I'm trying to make my own motion controller. One more thing do you have a preference on accurate servo motors that will work for this project. Please Help


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