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Autotracking Antenna with GPS over video

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Take a look at this ;)


It´s an autotracking antenna guided by gps data but the thing does not finish here, he uses the video signal to carry on the gps sentences to the ground.

He previously developed the DAKAR OSD that has a sync separator, over ground he uses the same sync separator + a pic, etc. The great thing of all this, it´s an open source project, something very unsual in this hobby.

I hope Cristobal, who´s a user of this forum too, could explain better his device here

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Yes, it is a project i had in mind several months ago.

I always had the idea of the autotracking antenna to give full freedom to my fpv flights, but i didn't want to use the audio channel to send data and loose the engine's audio. Then i thought in the use of the hidden lines of the video commonly used to send teletext and closed caption in tv.

My OSD, the DakarOSD sends the necessary information through these hidden lines of the video to a video decoder in my home station, Lince(Lynx), as soon as this information is checked and filtered, it is converted to the movement of a servo (360º or standard servo) that point the patch antenna to my plane.

At this moment i'm using this system very successfully and now i can fly in any direction without the limitations of a fixed patch.

The project like Wavess says is open and I can offer more technical details about it.


Cristóbal Fernández


DakarOSD 2.0

Lince 1.0

Robin 1.0

Vienna 1.0

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