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AT98S52 Programming to drive Multi channel Rc servo motors

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I need to generate pwn signals at port 0.0-0.7 and port 2.0-2.7.The pwm signals should change their Ton period according to digital value received from the adc by each sensor.every pin will hav a different pwn signal according to correspoding value of the sensor.the sensor will basically be a 5k ohm pot .the pwm signals will run a servo motor.the servo motor should move between 0 to 90 degrees.I am also posting the schematic please help me out i need to do this for my final year project

I am making a dex hand which works on an adc and AT98S52.

I dont knw how to program a ic i have the circuit diagram i just need help if some 1 could giv me the coding for it. There are 16 sensors (i am using 5k ohm pots as sensors) .The sensors are given to the adc the adc will generate a digital value and give it to micro controller.The micro controller will then generate a pwm signal .The pwm signal is then given to the servo motors. I basically need a program which will enable each servo motor to move according to the adc value received.Therefore each each pot will drive a single servo motor.


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Here how the project looks like

Hi divit!!

Nice project....!!

Why dont you use simple circuits to drive your servos??

Way I look at it, it is simple to drive the 16 servos using nothing more than 16 555 timer IC, without any programming involved.

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