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Hi guys!!!

i hope you remember me! I posted some of my expirement some months ago, i tested an "on board camera" on an eagle.

Now, i'm looking for some GOOD TX-RX equipment (digital is better) for a go-kart race track (lenght around 1500mt).

My customer need the best solution on the market, so he need to buy the transmitters, digital receivers diversity, and all the rest.

Can you please send me some good suggest?? What i need? and where should i have to buy these products??

bye! ;)

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If you want broadcast quality digital equipment, here's an example of what you'll find: http://www.domo-europe.com/pages/pack_solutions.htm

Prepare your wallet, a full set (without camera) can easily be more than 10'000 €.

Operation usually requires licensing too.

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Thanks Kilrah!

the camera is not a problem! ;-) . And about the rest of the equipment, i need to know what i really need, because i have to use it on some bikes/go kart and cars.

I choosed the digital version because i think wich the quality of the signal is much more better, really?

anyway, i need more antennas/repeaters?

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Well, it's "different"... With analog you'll start with a good quality, and with decreasing signal strength it will soon start getting more and more noisy, until it gets really ugly and/or drops. With digital you'll have good quality, quality will stay similar over a larger range of signal strengths, before suddently dropping in the form of either missing or partially "blocky" frames. While analog can show "garbage", digital will be more consistent and is less disturbing to the eye (see bike or car races with onboard cameras for example).

In a system like the above you'd have the TX and camera on the kart, with omni antenna. As I guess this would be a fixed installation, you'd put 2 moderately directional RX antennas on a mast, with the associated frequency converters if needed for the band you choose to work in, and a diversity RX (they all are in that kind of equipment). Then you get your common video signal back.

You shouldn't need repeaters, with one of those 100mW TXs you should get a couple km range if placement of the components is right and there's no interference. That allows you to get away from the polluted public bands too, however most likely requiring you to get an authorization from your country's communication authorities to install and use the equipment.

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Ok Kilrah, thanks a lot.

Digital is the best solutions, because we need also to send this video in real time to the television.

The quality of our cameras are good, we have some 1/3" CCD Sony bullet cameras of 560TV lines (real!) and some 1/2"CCD Sony with a broadcast quality.

I contacted that company, and maybe we will meet very soon!

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Perfect :)

Even if you won't use it there, the flexibility of that kind of equipment is also very impressive. I was at an event with a large infrastructure recently: http://jetmanlive.com

There was one transmitter on the wing and one in the PC-6 aircraft, those 2 feeds were sent to a helicopter that served as a relay, also adding its own feed from a Wescam camera it carried that was muxed together, then sent up to a relay plane circling above, then down to the ground about 40km away to the RF truck, then via cable to the production truck and transmitted live on TV. The heli lacked power to follow the wing, so quckly ended trailing behind up to 4km. They had solid picture from the wing up to about 3km, then there started to be quite a few drops. And the production truck had a time base corrector fail during the event on the wing camera's channel, completely ruining the picture :(

Oh well, I insisted we left the recording as a backup when installing the gear, and it did save the day for the upcoming documentary :)

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