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I used a MAX4222, and made a board that was easy to power either by 5V or 7-12V, and had RCA plugs but still could be cut to a much smaller size for use onboard using solder pads instead of plugs. There's a jumper to select between 2 2-way buffers or 1 4-way one.



Note that I skipped the video AC coupling caps on the inputs and outputs, knowing that all my video equipment had those on their side, so I could save a bit of space for when used onboard. It's not the case with all video equipment, so to do things correctly you'd add those.

I only made 2 and have now cut them to the "onboard" size, and use commercial units with a nice metal case for my ground equipment. One of them was used in a broadcast setup once ;)

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The video signal would be connected to 2 75 ohm inputs which is 37.5 ohm. The will pull the video signal lower than it should be giving a dark picture. It can also give other problems depending on the equipment used.


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