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Larger Easy Star...?

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Thanks for the link Kilrah I saw a flight video of this model for the first time yesterday. There are lots of good design features included with this one. I did wonder though if the launch and flight looked a bit hairy! It gave me the impression of heavy and fast, though I might be wrong and have not seen the model in action first hand.

I've taken a look at the cockpit area of the 'FUAV' and decided to lengthen it to allow more scope for camera placement. Then I consider the camera base and wing hinge. I'm thinking that perhaps the camera base attached to the wing forming a cockpit floor is getting a little over complicated, perhaps something to offer as an option to the builder of the kit, but I can build it in prototype form and see how well it works and stands up.

I best get on with the twin boom version now. :)




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Here is my twin boom version, these the last of the 'concept' drawings, time now to crunch some numbers and come up with the real drawings for two prototypes. I see good features in both configurations but no compromises that include all the features in a single design. (The Easy Star has a partial solution to my design issues with its low single boom to allow a fairly low positioning of the pylon mount, but I want something simpler) So I think all that is left is to draw out the models with calculated dimensions for wing loading etc and build one of each for evaluation of the designs.



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Hey, I forgot to say, A BIG THANKS to all, you helped me go from a vague sketch of a UAV type idea to what I think now might be a viable FPV platform with the right features. I'll update on the design and testing as I get it done :)

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Replacing the easystar, for me:

- i dont like landing gear: lot of weight, drag, and if the plane is not more than 1.5m wingspan you don't really really require it

- i like 2S: its light, and I don't need to be able to climb straight up anyway. my FPV equip is also 5v not 12. you save a lot of weight.

- with a 500gr "all up" sail plane, i can climb nearly straight up with a 2S 5000mah anyway xD (own design, but its still in the works)

- rear pylon, or 2x motor on wings are the only ok solution (rear pylon has a better weight/consumption ratio however so i use that)

- good link (dragon link or thomas UHF)

- good video link (nghobbies 800+mW's)

- good HD camera (toshiba P10 uncased at least - im still trying to find better, for pan/tilt and other things (this will add quite some weight however))

- good OSD (they're all ok really...)

- fly by wire and autopilot when signal is lost (a must with such a plane IMO. fly by wire is provided by some open source project. it rocks. many old airliners dont even have that!)

total cost is around 1000EUR incl. absolutely everything except the bare rc radio (yeah, its expensive)

I might change my plans and put the sail plane in a corner and build a wing however. reason is rather simple, the wing is smaller and handles big wings and crashes a lot better. I like to fly on top of the moutains and theres always 50km wind if not more. the wing profile is so thin it can go through it with no problem.

i would use the sail plane for yet another project that has "infinite range" and "poor video output" but this one is secret :P

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14ft Easy Star...Well Terry, that would just about do it.

For now though, I have settled on trying several planes out but unfortunately, some aren't foam...but they are of the right size though...close to 100 inch.



Gemma, I am watching your developement too.

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