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Vertical speed = ((altitude at current point) - (altitude at previous point)) / (recording interval)...

As it logs altitude you can find VS.

thanks a lot, but with a 1hz on a falcon wich flight at 300km/h with 8g of acceleration is not very accurate! VERY HARD to get right data! What's your suggest Kirlah?

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What I suggest - get one, strap it on, hope for the best and see what you get. But consumer GPS, be it 1Hz or 5Hz will almost certainly NOT give you accurate readings in those conditions.

We know from testing on fast and agile planes like a funjet flying at 150km/h and able to make tight turns that the common GPS modules will get completely lost after a couple of sharp turns or steep vertical trajectories, reporting positions several hundred meters away from where they really are, even for several seconds after coming back to a normal path.

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