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UPDATE: SOLD OUT! If you need more of these then please contact the source mentioned in post #5.


It's been awhile since we've offered a special deal to the forum members. So, here's a small DC-DC Step Up Voltage Regulator (Vreg) board for $5 USD each. Plus $2 for CON-USA postal shipping ($3 for delivery outside the USA), any quantity! Ah, now we've got your attention.

The Voltage Regulator is a DC-DC switcher type that has an adjustable output that can range from 7VDC to about 18VDC. It can supply up to 200mA, so it is ideal for powering a 12VC CCD video camera from a 2-cell LiPO or 4-cell to 7-cell NiMH/NiCD battery pack. Because it is a switcher Vreg (not linear) it will not get hot during use. It's small too (less than 1-inch square).

Minimum input voltage is 5VDC, maximum is 12VDC. Output currents slightly higher than 200mA are possible, but available output voltage will be lower and regulation will be less effective (more ripple too). The output you choose must be at least 2V higher than the input voltage.

To use the Vreg you only have to add a .1uF cap with a parallel 1000uF (or larger) electrolytic cap on its output. These caps (not provided) are needed for proper operation. They must be soldered directly on the output pins. DO NOT OMIT THEM.

Capacitor Installation:


Here is the the front and back sides:

post-2-1231711240_thumb.jpg post-2-1231711259_thumb.jpg

Here are the dimensions:


A break-out board (BOB) is provided so that you can insert wires into screw terminals. If space is an issue then you don't need to use the BOB. Here's is the BOB:

post-2-1231711758_thumb.jpg post-2-1231711788_thumb.jpg

I am not able to offer any sage advice on if this board will work for your application. So, unless you know that your project is a good match, it would be best to skip this bargain deal. But for those that know what this is, and have a place to use it, then you are in luck!

There's just a few to offer; when they are gone the deal will end. I accept paypal -- please contact me through the forum PM feature. Do not use email. You must be a registered rc-cam forum member.

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i will buy some piece!!

A question: sometimes i have another problem, i need a step down, from 14-16v (car-bike battery) to 12 or 11 volts (CCD camera), should be around 200-300mA: any suggest? i need a smallest and tiny product...


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I've been asked if I designed these: I did not. They aren't something you will find on the dpcav.com site either; they are strictly a bargain priced goody that I thought the rc-cam forum members would like to try out. At this point, I have very few remaining. Once they are gone, that will be the end this offer.

You must "PM" me from THIS forum to get in on the deal. Emails (or PM's from other sites) don't count because this is exclusive to registered rc-cam forum members. When you PM me, that confirms you are registered here.

Please keep in mind that I don't make a single penny on these Vregs. In fact, I actually lose a little bit. So, you can be assured that the price is as low as I can go, regardless of how many you buy. Like some of the other special forum deals I offer once in awhile, the goal is to present interesting goodies that might help out your personal projects. But sometimes you have to act fast to get in on it. :)

For those that have received one, please post your initial impressions. If you have actually installed it, then it would be grand to hear how it worked out for you.

Lastly, don't forget to install those two external caps, per the instructions shown in the first post.

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Someone found a much lower cost for these VRegs, which is very helpful. You can get them here: http://www.sureelectronics.net/goods.php?id=67. Shipping to the USA is painful ($18), but for other countries it is not too bad.

EDIT: SOLD OUT. Thank you to everyone that purchased one. Please contact the supplier shown above if you need more of them.

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