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Controlling a servo motor using a Key Fob?

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Hello all Im new to the site and have a few questions for you.Im new to radio controlled devices.Im making a device that requires remote activation up to 150 feet away.The device will use a standard r/c servo motor and reciever.I need the servo to turn 180 degrees only.My questions for you are can I control this device with a standard 315mhz or 433mhz Key Fob like used on automobiles?Can a standard Key Fob mhz be changed to match r/c reciever mhz or vice versa?Is there a kit in existance already?If yes or no can you please explain to me how I can make a Key Fob control the device?Thanks in advance

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Nope. The frequency is different, the modulation is different...

But there are "key fob style" transmitters and mattching receivers that can be found as kits in electronics stores. However they will usually simply turn an output on / off on the receiver, some additional circuitry would have to be made to generate a valid servo signal.

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Depending on what you want to do, you might be able to use a remote control door lock kit. Like this: Click me.

As Kilrah mentioned, there are remote key fob kits that will do the RF link part. For example: Click me. But these will need additional circuitry to operate the servo. Do a google search on "servo tester circuit" to see how to create servo signals.

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