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Which DVR/camcorder to use?

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I am still in the process of obtaining the necessary video equipment for my AP set-up. Looking to get a good quality, but not too $$$ portable DVR (digital video recorder).

The closest unit I have found is this:


My intentions are to record video transmitted from the wireless downlink from the helicopter. I will be using an Eagle tree or other OSD system to overlay informational graphics that I will be selling as part of my business model.

The portable DVR itself will be on the ground as a part of the "downlink" station. In short, I will have the panel antenna connected to the rx, and the video output of the rx will be split in two: one output going to the FPV video goggles and the other going to the DVR.

Another scenario is to place the DVR on the helicopter itself and split the video output from the OSD: one will go to the downlink tx and the other to the DVR.

The prime reason for my interest in a DVR is that I have been unable to find a camcorder that will accept a video input for recording.

Can anybody recommend an alternative DVR aside from the unit listed above or a camcorder that does accept video input for recording?

Please share your thoughts.

TIA to all

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You can get yourself an Archos 405: http://cgi.ebay.com/Archos-405-2-GB-Digita...1QQcmdZViewItem

and the suitable Travel DVR station and an SD card for more storage. Or other Archos models of course, if you prefer large screens and/or hard drive there are good prices on 2nd-hand 7" Archos AV700s, I just got myself one.

A lot cheaper and certainly same or better recording quality. To exceed its quality it takes a ~$600 MPEG2 recorder, or a DV camcorder with AV-in (current models include Canon HV10,20 and 30 for example).

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