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coax length - RX to GPP

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Hello ALL,

does any one have a suggestion on the length of coax, from the pcb terminal on the Rx to the GPP, using RG174, and SMC connectors.

I understand it should be short as posible, but any guidance is appreciated.

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There are two issues:

(1) Typical coax is VERY lossy at microwave frequencies. A 10 foot length of RG-174 will reduced your range in half.

(2) Standing waves (SWR) are hidden signal killers. Perfect impedance matching is always a bit goofy, so there will be coax related SWR losses. Cyber-flyer posted some coax length versus signal loss data (note: the exact lengths can vary, depending on RF source impedance, cable characteristics, etc). His interesting findings will give you an idea on why adding coax is troublesome.

The success of the GP Patch is a combination of several things, including the elimination of coax.

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