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probably been done before - shutter control

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Just a quick thought, build the rc-cam servo tester, set the speed to a reasonable travel and use it for triggering the shutter button on the cam via button mounted servo. could be set to give a pic from every second or two to probably over a minute between end stops.

good for us guys with no spare channels on the heli/plank!

maybe have a downlink for lining up shots, but have the cam auto trigger

what do you think?


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That idea would work great if you need to stick with a servo solution. When the Servo Tester is set to the slowest cycle speed you would get about 45 secs per shot.

BTW, you may be able to adapt the CamMan-Sony project. Although it is designed for their DSC-U20/U30 camera, there is sufficient info on the project page to adapt it to other cameras. This CamMan variant has a fully standalone auto-sequence shutter mode (no R/C channel needed). It can also auto-sequence upon command from a Tx channel or you can set it up to take single shoots too. Full details: http://www.rc-cam.com/cammsny.htm

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