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darn new guy again, Connector FAQ / WIKI?

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So, I was building the rc-cam4 system rc antenna (www.rc-cam.com/rc-cam4b.htm) using a piece of coax I found off an old 2.4ghz "Spektrum" RC radio transmitter antenna. I test fit everything before I went at it with the cutting instruments. After turtle necking the ground shield, I grabbed the ohm meter to check my work, and crud, the female threaded section doesn't have a male center post.

So, I thought I had an SMA connector on the coax, but I guess they make more than one version?

Is there a Wiki / Faq / or something detailing a simple way for a darn new guy like me to navigate the connector waters?

Thanks again,


Oh wait, looks like I got a "Reverse Polarity" connecter, which really isn't "reversed" it just has different center pin orientations.

So, knowing that, can I just fab a "male to male" center pin to go between the two, or should I start scrounging for another piece of coax with the proper end on in?

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You can give it a try if you have young eyes & steady hands, but at these frequencies, I'd look for a piece of coax with the proper connector. Those darn little connectors are harder than Hades to work on.

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