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It's my first post, so I'd like to say 'hello' :-)

I've found quite nice kit for "near-home" FPV flying, here's the link:

R2Hobbies Kit

Did anyone here use it before, maybe some comments or advices?

Cam, TX/RX and accesories included in very low price.

I'd like to use it for simple flying near home (1.5km radius max).

I would probably change ground antenna for stronger one.

Thanks in advance,


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I bought that set some time ago and did some dry runs at home, worked quite ok but never got around to using it in a plane. Since the connectors and cables were kind of bulky, i decided to cut them and use my own. What i didn´t realize was that the working current of the camera is less than 9V, there is a gizmo hidden in the cable which adjusts the voltage to suit the camera.. So what happened .. i fried the cam.

Bought a really cheap CMOS cam on ebay to keep testing. After that, i got it in working order again but never got around to use it. Had enough on my mind learning to fly first ^^

Yesterday however, i took my laptop and the rest of the stuff and put it into my ES.

I didn´t really FPV but recorded my flight. Worked really well, although the picture was kind of bad, since the camera is not that good. But almost no glitches with 3dbi Rubber ducks. Kept close though... so maybe not really a thorough test.

I ordered a 8dbi patch antenna, a good camera and some headplay goggles today and will keep on testing. Since 200mW are 20times the limit in Europe, i will be ordering another tx/rx soon.


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