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Hello everybody , we learned a lot from this forum about the equipments available.

Now we have an unprofessional web site with our videos and stories.


Let us know what you think about it.

Giorgio and Simone

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Giorgio and Simone, nice site. Great compilation of everyones different technology, the PDC10 for guidance, gpsflight for telemetry. The Kadet Senior is a great airplane, OS 4 stroke pumped motor is a great motor. Nice job all around.

I only have a few questions.

+Have you looked at YS motors? They are a little more expensive but they pack a pretty amazing amount of power and they do not have a crankcase vent. (I don't know if the OS FSII pumped has a crank vent, probably not being pumped)

+Are you changing your mixture any as you get higher? Monitoring engine head temperature?

+Finally, are you using a diversity receiver on the ground for video?

I just finished a thrown together diversity video receiver. It doesn't receive different channels, both receivers are set to same channel. It just receives one signal horizontal and the other vertical. Works nicely, going to test fly very soon. My primary video airplane caught a nasty crosswind on takeoff and I didn't have enough airspeed to get it back.

Working on a pusher airframe with dave jones, I am quickly realizing pusher is the only way to go to get rid of oil and junk on cameras. It puts everything out front in clean air. Design very similar to most airplanes on home page at www.auav.net

Also I have made my own video overlay so I can choose what goes on the screen and where it goes. I have a signal line coming from my 72mhz receiver off of the RSSI line so I know how my control signal is doing.

Good luck, keep us updated.

Matt Klarich

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Thank you to take a look at the site.

Yes I know YS engines, I know that they are very powerful , but we are trying to keep the plane under the FAI regulation .that are engine .61 weight 11 pounds. Ys does’t have a .61 but only .63

Our first plane was a Sig Kadet but now we are flying a scratch built plane with a .61 Magnum and we reach 12,500 feet on few test flights.

We are not monitoring temperature or changing the mixture.

In theory you have to lean the engine going higher. In reality up to 12,000 feet we didn’t have any problem between 12,000 and 17,000 we try to lean the engine but the problem didn’t change. Again in theory a four strokes has to work better at high altitude because in more stable ,but in reality a OS .46 FX that we are using lately is working a lot better over 12,500 feet without a pump but only with the pressure from the muffler.

We are not using a diversity receiver, We are using two receiver on the same channel with two different antennas, and we switch between the two manually.

We really love to build a diversity receiver but we didn’t find the right circuit yes.

We are using Sky spy that has more or less what we need, and by the way I don’t know how to build an overlay .

I will post more information on the avionics at the web site very soon


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Giorgio, just sent you an email. Hadn't seen you replied in the forum. What video receivers are you using?? I am now using the lawmate receivers that blackwidow a/v sells. If you want I can throw together a small diversity receiver together for you.


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