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How do you stabilize the images from CCD cameras?

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Hey guys:

What is the best way to get rid of vibration on CCD cameras or even digital still cameras? I fly with cyber-flyer and we tried his Sony digital cam in my Taylorcraft and it doesn't take good pictures unless I shut down the engine! Do we need to find a better camera with image stabilization or a faster shutter, or is there a way to get rid of those vibs?

Also, on my CCD cameras, they do vibrate somewhat in flight. The right cam is pretty good, the left cam vibrates more and is a bit annoying. Did any of you guys figure out a good way to dampen these vibrations? I would like it to be as if the plane was dead stick, but maybe I'm asking for alot? :rolleyes:

Thanks for any info!!


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How are you mounting your cameras?? I have been taking the panasonic cx-161 I believe it is (from blackwidow) and cutting a hole in the end of a radioshack project box that was just about the right size. I then use double sided foam tape (from office depot or staples) and just stick it to the bottom of the wing.

If I want to angle the front of the camera down I just build up a number of layers of the foam tape at the front of the camera and still attach it with a strip of tape at the back of the box as well to give it some down angle. I have never had any troubles with vibration if I do it that way.

I WAS flying it on a senior telemaster with a YS FZ 63 for a motor, I tried switching motors and did a lot of body work on the airplane. I took off to slow with a nasty crosswind and cartwheeled into the ground. The airframe was trashed, the wing has survived for my new pusher airplane, and the motor had $150 worth of work done on it and it is basically a new motor (a YS .91).

Just my 2 cents but I am sure you have seen some of my videos at www.stoneflyers.com and those are old videos from another airplane. The telemaster was better then those videos, as soon as I get my pusher up and flying I will get some videos online from it.


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In fact I think vibrations is just the biggest problem with R/C video... I've now seen so many things that I'm a bit confused...

Sometimes I spent a lot of time doing what I thought would be a good mount, and the result was awful, and sometimes it's just the opposite!

The latest solution was on a heli, my friend just fixed the cam mount with a screw and a piece of rubber inbetween, which made a VERY loose mount. I told him it would never work, and we just got the best heli video we've ever made.. Odd.

Here is the fixed camera and a link to the resulting video.. I still agree that we could do better, but it was already quite amazing.

Hope this helps..




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