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Altimeter and Variometer : instant display on LCD

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Can someone advice me how to built myself a Altimeter and Variometer for RC plane ?

I would like to get datas live transmitted on a LCD display to ground floor.

( Eagle tree : Seagull is too expensive for me )

Are there some kind of projects working well ?

Best would be possibility see datas in feet and meters ( i'm in France )

Many thanks for your help,

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Hm there are lots of video overlays around, but systems with an independent LCD on the ground are pretty scarce. The Eagletree comes to mind as the main one, another one being this: http://www.elv.de/Set-Sender-VAT-300Empf%C...10/detail2_9179

Beware, it's a kit and everything needs to be assembled and the parts soldered.

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