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Greetings all!

My name's Brandon and I am with the Operations department at a passenger-carrying airport. We have a number of bird issues, particularly with starlings (nesting in the grass or terminal area) and high-flying hawks.

I fly a PZ FW-190 with a brushless/lipo conversion as a hobby, and I have been looking into the idea of using an electric aircraft to chase off high-flying hawks at the airport.

FAA literature lists using RC aircraft as a bird deterrent, with some being modified to launch our scare cartridges (loud bottle rockets and M-80-like devices) as audio stimuli. My idea is to mount an extremely loud alarm on the side of the A/C and trigger it using the PZ X-Port button.

I've conducted some tests at the local park using the stock Sonic Combat Module with its built-in speaker, and the results have been promising. The speaker itself is fairly loud, but I want to mount something louder like one of those 135-db personal defense beepers.

The problem is that I don't know how to proceed. I figure that I have two options: 1. Modify the standard Parkzone combat module to make it louder or 2. Modify a personal defense beeper to be activated by the X-Port.

I would like to keep weight to a minimum but if I have to power the beeper by a secondary battery (like a 9v) it shouldn't be too much of an issue; the plane can accelerate straight up.

Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated...I think it could be a really effective solution but don't know how to approach it, and my electrical engineering knowledge is nonexistent.

Thanks in advance...

Brandon G.

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I understand that you don't have a lot of electrical knowledge. It would be best to keep this simple. So, here's the plan. Get the XPort bomb drop module. Then jump to this thread where the fellow describes adding a reed relay to it: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=415861

The reed relay would be activated by the X-Port and is used to apply on-command power to a personal defense beeper. Simple as that.

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I love this project.

A farmer already approch me and ask me to fly above his feild to affraid the bird. It was a win-win situation where I found feild with authorizaton to fly and fun to chase bird and farmer was happy to see me there

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Here in the APOPKA = WINTER GARDEN , FLORIDA area we have many Grape and BERRY growers. Many hundreds of birds congregated at the fields can eat $15,000 dollars of berries in a 20 acre field per day. the local growers pay rc plane hobbiests to fly planes over the fields just the shape of the planes scare the birds including Hawks and Eagles away, they fly from sun up til sundown dailey during growing season. helps the retired flyers with a little income win win all the way around


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