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Tiny-mic is not enough sensible

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That was hilarious. Glad that someone was able to help you. :)

I think you mean that Tiny-Mic is not "sensitive" enough. For sure, I think it is sensible (practical, real, and rational). Drat those similar sounding English words!

For sure, R5 is the little fellow to change if you want to modify the microphone's max gain. However, something very odd is going on. With the stock 10K resistor, you should have plenty of volume (8dB gain at max vol setting). With R5 shorted out, I would expect some distorted audio at volume settings above the minimum.

I have a Tiny-Mic on a 200mW / 900MHz transmitter, which I assume is what you are using. If I get the Tx's mic too close to the Rx's speaker it will howl and scream due to feedback (mic volume to max, speaker volume at mid-range). That setting would be much too loud for a R/C model application, so lower mic volume would normally be used.

I think that something must have gone wrong. It's either due to the Tiny-Mic or the wireless A/V system. If you want to try another Tiny-Mic then contact me offline. But if you are happy with how it works now and don't need to try another, then that sounds good to me too.

BTW, I would have posted sooner but I didn't see your initial post until now.

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No problem with the Tiny-mic in itself. I installed a receiver in construction hat and plug a standard speaker with no amplification on the audio output, so it's normal the volume is very low. With a standard mic, I would heard it just at the good volume, but the tiny-mic was not enough loud.

For this project, I would use a standard mic and it would be perfect, but I had the tiny-mic in hand and I decided to modify it.

Next time I will explain my goal, so you have better chance to understand what I want :)

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With a standard mic, I would heard it just at the good volume, but the tiny-mic was not enough loud.

Well, that is even more interesting. If a standard non-amplified worked good, but the amplified Tiny-Mic did not, then there is (was) probably something wrong with Tiny-Mic. Honestly, it should have been louder than the standard type microphone.

But, I will admit I don't fully understand how you are using it, so there may be something in the installation that explains why it worked poorly for you. If you have installed Tiny-Mic on the Tx and have a speaker directly on the Rx, then Tiny-Mic should have been louder than a standard non-amplified mic.

But, it's great to hear you got it working. That is all that matters.

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I think he means a "standard mic" in the way of an "usual-amplified-one-that-is-always-saturating-with-plane-noise" vs the Tiny-mic that has proper gain :)

Bridging R5 makes the Tiny-mic amplify too much too, but at least that outputs noise so he's happy :)

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