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Hi all, few weeks ago I started this new little project. The goal is to install it on my old EasyStar and if all goes as it´s supossed move it to my Electro Telemaster.

Ardupilot can be bought from Sparkfun very cheap:


My goal is to have a RTL device for those situations that the r/c link or video link is weak. I know there some OSD on the market that do this too, but I really don´t like those fancy devices with numbers everywhere in the screen, I think most of them are not necessary for fpv, and the best of all, the best of all is the fact that Ardupilot is an Open Source project, and you do code mods through Arduino.

As many RTL devices it requires a Copilot or a termopile sensor to work, on the V1.0 the whole copilot is needed and on the V2.0 only the sensor is needed. I´ll start trying the V1.0 for one single reason, V2.0 only accepts binary data received from a EM-406, and I like much more my EB-85.

The gear to install or already installed on my EasyStar would be:

TX Airwave 200mW

Camera: KX-131

Dakar 2.0 OSD


FMA Direct Copilot

I would supply 5V for my GPS from my OSD, then I run 2 wires from the GPS (TX, GND) to the Ardupilot, Ardupilot would be conected to yaw and gas, and copilot would be conected to Ailerons and Elevator.

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