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Hi al,

I have an old Sony v700e Hi8 camera that has failed many moons ago and is not worth fixing as they go for about $100 on Ebay, but the camera head works fine.

Anyone know if it's possible to modify just the head unit and lens (I've gotten it apart) to output a clean video signal that can be used with a transmitter for arial shots?

My electronic knowledge is pretty basic but I know how to use a test meter and I have a scope and logic probe if that helps at all.

David :unsure:

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It may be possible to scope the video signal, as some ccd head units are seperate from the rest of the camera with a interface cable. But many cameras have power supply circuits that could complicate getting a working head unit seperated. I have repaired a few broken camcorders over the years and they can be really challenging to work on. So if you have the time and curiousity, it might be worth giving it a try, especially if its an older camera with a bad video head, etc., then you have nothing to lose :)


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I don't mean to be discouraging, in fact , I hope you do succeed at this. I am not an expert in camcorder technology, but all the camcorders I've seen have a main board, separate from the CCD/zoom lens assembly, that actually does the signal processing/formatting. In other words, the video "head" is just the CCD chip and some drivers. The composite video signal that we know and love is generated on a different circuit board. That board is often the size of the side of the camcorder (large) and populated by a host of other circuits for the VCR part of the camcorder. So, I think it is doable, but you'll have a lot of baggage with it.

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