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Hello I am doing some shooting with cheap but good underwater housing and would like to monitor the frame remotely as far away as 12 feet. My idea is to put a transmitter in the housing and put a monitor and reciever in a pelican case with a clear lid. So both units are waterproof. I need a small wireless system that will work through the plastic. here is the link to the housing


any thought would be appreciated

I am also looking for advice on a wireless system that could be good up to 1000 feet on a cable cam

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I played around with something very similar awhile back.

I was using one of the smaller Sony camcorders, mounted inside the Sony

underwater enclosure, into which I crammed my Blackwidow 200mw 2.44 Tx

and battery. My hopes were to be able to receive the video signal on my home brew

handheld camera controller/2.44Rx with video monitor, or video glasses.

My original plan was to be able to lower the camera into the water using a telescoping "mast"

and be able to view the bottom of my boat while standing on deck. As it turned out, the video signal was extinguished after

the camera had been lowered but only 6" beneath the surface of the water.

I ultimately ended up making a waterproof video out connection on the submersed enclosure and ran

a video cable back to the Rx/monitor.


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