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thats cool .. I plan to put my dx201 camera and 900mhz TX on my RC10.. 20%nitromethane gas. is fast.. not sure how it compares to your car.. . then I want to put the camera on a electric plane... waiting on my ESC and trying to program my cheapo FS-CT6A 2.4ghz radio TX/RX combo.. to replace the stock 2 channel RX board. with 3 channels .. link is here to what I am following. FBC mod

I have done the motor timing mod and will be replacing the fishing line with rods. Plus the rudder will be able to go both directions instead of the rubber band to pull the

control surface back to neutral..

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I mounted a camera and transmitter on my Losi Strike. It's a lot easier and lower-stress than aircraft FPV. I'm partly using it as a testbed for FPV equipment before using it in my Easy Glider. Failures on the ground are a lot less dramatic and expensive than in the air. Really though, it's just fun to play with :)

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