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Hello rc-cam! Lately I have been interested in FPV flying, but I am highly in doubt of, which downlink I should use. I have searched all the other topics of course, but none seemed to give answer to my particular question. I know that 900 mhz will go further than the 2.4 ghz if the same benchmark is used, but that 900 mhz gear is more expensive (and harder to get good quality???). I live in a suburban area, there are no "BIG" buildings or anything, mostly just 2-3 story buildings spread out alot and some trees, though I do plan on being elevated over it all. So I am wondering, which one would give me the best range? Since the 2.4 ghz band is used by alot of stuff like WiFi, bluetooth, internet and all that new stuff which is everywhere now. And since 900 mhz and 1800 mhz are used by our mobile phone system. I am highly in doubt for which one to use. I know there is no definite answer, but I would like to get some feedback from the guys that have actualy tried it in areas like this. I plan on buying a radio according to the video downlink I buy, so that is not an issue. :)

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How far do you want to fly ?

If you dont plane on flying over the buildings then all should work but multipath interference could be a problem on all.

A good diversity system and directional aerials will help, also use as low TX power as you can get away with.

Theory says that the lower frequencies should suffer from less multipath.


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I plan on flying atleast 2km, but on another remark, I found another place to fly with only alot of small house scattered, no big houses at all. My question is, which would be the best to use? Since the 900 mhz system might take alot of interference fromt he mobilephones, but it has less multiplathing issues and generally longer ranges. While 2.4 ghz is used by alot of small stuff like routers and bluetooth, and its equipment is cheaper. If It's possible for me to find a high area to transmit from, could I then be above all the comon 2.4 ghz, in which case 2.4 ghz would be better, am I right?

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