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DX-201 DPS Camera - what is the battery for the OSD remote?

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Hi Guys,

I just got my new dx-201 camera from RV, the image is great, the case is heavy, and I think we have a bit of a lack of documentation.

first of all, changing the original case to the metal case, its a bit scary, you have to expose the CCD sensor... and its a 150 bucks camera....

then you have to figure out the power source polarity on your own, nothing on the manual.

and now I was thinking about setting up the camera, but, guess what? It came without the control battery, I am not sure on which one to use on it,

because its not on the documentation either.

The mount for it looks like a watch battery, but a little bigger....

does anyone know which is the battery model that goes inside the little remote?


So far I can say that its the best quality image I ever seen on these size cameras....

just need a little more documentation to be done, a lighter case, and the connectors on it are huge and heavy, not ready to FPV.

If you know which is the battery for it, pls let me know...



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No need for the battery. Just hold down 'menu' to enter the OSD menu.

The powerconnector is center pin positive.

Cool, Thanks a lot, Vova!

Its amazing the quality of the images I am getting here... I will post some videos soon...

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