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Etrex tear down, whodunit?

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I remember someone in this group taking apart an etrex GPS unit to save weight. I found instructions on how to do it. Anyone remember any details?

What is the eventual weight?

Are the operation buttons attached to the case or to the board?

After setting up and prior to a flight, might it be possible to also remove the LCD while still maintaining in-flight operation?

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Hi RadioFlyer,

yb2normal did the Etrexstripdown, and you can find it on the old RC-Cam message board.

Pictures at:-


Message thread at:-


All this back in December 2002, crikey time flies when you're having fun!

Hope this helps


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Yup, everything is mounted directly on the pcb board, so you can simply strip the entire case off.

The only gotcha's are the battery case connector is two springs touching the board. This isn't even really a gotcha because there is an onboard connector where you can inject power. Go ahead and strip the case off, it will become obvious once you have it off.



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Garmin geko is smaller yet and the geko's have WAAS. The older Etrexs do not have WAAS. The Geko 301 has altimeter sensor built in, don't remember if it has a magnetic compass. My etrex summit has the magnetic compass but no WAAS.

Just my 2 cents.


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I can't be sure, but I seem to recall reading some Garmin spec sheets that stated the Garmin Geko doesn't have any form of "data output", being one of the simplest handheld devices it's designed to use the built in screen only.

Good Luck


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