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900 mhz Dual Polarized Patch Antenna -Sources?

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Does anyone have a source to purchase a 900mhz dual polarized patch antenna? Basically imagine taking two patch antennas, one vertically polarized and the other horizontally polarized. Now merge them together into a single housing and you have what I'm looking for. Strange thing is that no one seems to sell these buggers.

I found this one but can't find a reseller, and they're not returning calls or email.


I travel with my FPV setup and do not like having to deal with two large 900mhz patch antennas, especially now with a pan/tilt mechanism and tracking system.


-John in KY

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A 900MHz dual-polarization design is not a common antenna. So, your pickings are probably limited to the vendor you linked to. Do you currently use a pair of cross-polarized patches on a diversity box? If you do, is it giving you good results?

Generally speaking, using the antenna you are seeking is not expected to offer the best overall performance for the average FPV'er. And with a tracking system, most users will still desire protection from multipathing inteference, so a diversity system with two spatially placed antennas will be needed on the antenna tracker.

If this is just some pre-purchasing research in anticipation of the release of the various antenna tracking systems, then I'd suggest you hold off on getting that special antenna. It might be best to wait for some reports on what works best are posted. Honestly, there will probably be some useful feedback on more effective antenna choices for them. I expect that one useful tracking antenna combo, for long range FPV, will be a patch with a high gain Yagi.

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