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Elooooo... Panasoic FX100 rc airplanafied, need help cutting final boa

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:) So got a panasonic fx100, already lightened and striped for rc airplane. Except for this part. I almost cut, but decided to have a few o you geniuses take a look and lemme know if where I'm going to cut is ok or I should cut somewhere else.

Let it be known that this could actually be a multi layer board(fx35? Can't quite remember), in which I've seen pics that there are as many as 15 extremely small connections to be made!

Sooo... here's to hoping that's not the case! :P

Link is off site to home server and big pics. So beware images are 1.3-1.4mb a piece.

Any help would be appreciated, will post full strip down if it works. ;)



Thanks in advance.


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I had an expensive experience doing this sort of thing to a Sanyo Xacti - while electrically everything seemed to test OK, it died and remained dead. From the circuit diagrams I eventually concluded that these things have microcontrollers running the show that are always on, still occasionally monitoring things in ultra-low-current standby modes, and these can take irreversible umbrage if certain connections are broken and re-connected i.e. it had been 'bricked', in the manner of some PDAs.

Whatever the true explanation, I can only advise that you have a second FX100 to hand, in case this process makes you wiser but poorer!

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Mmmmm... rccam, was hoping to make camera a cube much like a few have done with fx35.

Also yea I know this may bugger it up if not done correctly, thing is going on a funjet, having the one side way out would probably affect things in the air. :(

Stoopid piece... whole camera is brilliant except for this top piece, LS70 had same issue but i don't think that one had multi layers.

Edit point... crud, looking again, spent 20min yesterday flipping it back and forth trying to find a section that isn't on the top nor the bottom... found one. So it is multilayered :o

Will need to think on this some more.

Nuther edit point...

There's a section right behind the flash that looks promising, 9 connections, but if there is something in the layer... might be ok to do.

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